A little secret

Catch no one in the act
Of listening at keyholes.
That is to say,
Allow no one to overhear
Your private conversations
With the Almighty.
Give yourself ample time, space, and quiet
To commune with your maker or Savior.
Make no excuses and keep
These daily appointments.
Accept your own insights
As your own truth.
Acknowledge this faith
As sacred and secret
In that no one must come between
You and
All that you are.




Awake to your own wisdom

Beware of words that come from
Untrained mouths.
That is to say, those not rightly trained
In Love.
People believe others in visible roles:
Commentators, politicians, actors, presidents.
Even pastors may falsely portray
The world at large.
Awake to your own wisdom.
Tune in to your own honest heart and bones.
Give yourself time, space, and
Quiet enough to listen
And trust all-knowing



Particularly kindness

Patience is required for all acts
Of brilliant kindness.
Many think that kindness
Is made on prompting or
Offered on occasion
In between actions real and true.
Understand that kindness
Must become the norm of behavior
And a practice of great skill,
Devotion and patience
With the purpose of, not allowing others to control you,
But enabling others to feel
Seen, heard, understood and




Open relentlessly

Understand that reconciliation
Is important for the adjudication
Of human beings.
Connections bring peace.
Separation breeds fear, distrust
And impatience.
Allow yourself to meet and know
People outside your normal sphere.
Allow yourself to jump into uncomfortable
Circumstances and situations.
Reach out with a smile
Where no smile has ever been.
Open your hand instead of closing it.
Open your eyes instead of closing them.
Go out of your way
And see where you end up.