Particularly kindness

Patience is required for all acts
Of brilliant kindness.
Many think that kindness
Is made on prompting or
Offered on occasion
In between actions real and true.
Understand that kindness
Must become the norm of behavior
And a practice of great skill,
Devotion and patience
With the purpose of, not allowing others to control you,
But enabling others to feel
Seen, heard, understood and





Open relentlessly

Understand that reconciliation
Is important for the adjudication
Of human beings.
Connections bring peace.
Separation breeds fear, distrust
And impatience.
Allow yourself to meet and know
People outside your normal sphere.
Allow yourself to jump into uncomfortable
Circumstances and situations.
Reach out with a smile
Where no smile has ever been.
Open your hand instead of closing it.
Open your eyes instead of closing them.
Go out of your way
And see where you end up.




Place yourself no higher
And no lower
Than anyone, and yet
Understand that you may
Be privileged on this Earth
In your level of education
Or income, or opportunity
To move freely
From one place to another.
Understand that others
Would behave as you do,
Had they your privileges
Of food plentiful,
Of education free,
Of open and tolerant society,
Of elected officials who must
Please their constituents.
So give time to consider
Your privileges
As just that,
Because without them,
All you are
Is everything.