Place yourself no higher
And no lower
Than anyone, and yet
Understand that you may
Be privileged on this Earth
In your level of education
Or income, or opportunity
To move freely
From one place to another.
Understand that others
Would behave as you do,
Had they your privileges
Of food plentiful,
Of education free,
Of open and tolerant society,
Of elected officials who must
Please their constituents.
So give time to consider
Your privileges
As just that,
Because without them,
All you are
Is everything.




Given that human beings record
The doings of a multitude,
Understand that you yourself
Must let go of considering yourself
An individual.
You are, rather, a piece of mankind,
Never an independent and autonomous
Each day, you affect a multitude,
Even if you spend the day alone.
Each day you uplift others
Or cause them pain and consternation.
Allow yourself to access this truth:
My every act affects countless others.
My every thought adds to the
Collective consciousness.
My every wish for self should be
Subsumed by wishes for humanity
And all other living creatures.
I am a piece
Dependent on every other piece
Of what lives.




Given that human beings
Read and understand
Messages via text and email,
Understand that a new form
Of message
Will make itself apparent
In the coming days:
That of the Earth’s own pulse.
Tune in and align yourself
With this rhythm.
Align yourself with flow and ebb.
Align yourself with dry and wet.
Align yourself with heat and cold.
And you will survive
The coming changes.